ACLU of Indiana

Healthcare Professional

Ann Perkins

I've known Leslie since I first started attending public meetings for the Parks Department. Somehow I was put in charge of a project with Leslie and she kind of made me be her friend. I mean, I like her, she's one of the best people, but there wasn't anything organic about how we became friends.

Office Manager

Donna Meagle

Leslie is cool. She's a little intense, but it gets the job done. And that other guy is gross, he's never done anything in his life. Leslie is literally the hardest worker, she's not hoping for a raise, she's just really really really into her job.

Shoe Shiner

Andy Dwyer

When I had a band, she let me play at stuff, and that’s how I got my career playing at kids’ birthday parties. When Ann broke up with me and I was living in the pit and stalking Ann from my tent, Leslie gave me a job at city hall, so I don’t live in the pit anymore. That was really cool.


Director, Parks and Recreation

Ron Swanson

I am a libertarian, but people really seem to like Leslie. I didn’t like her at first, she’s a little too friendly and persistent, but it’s that determination that wins you over. I don’t think she accepts the possibility of not being your friend (unless you’re from Eagleton). Despite my best efforts to prevent the government from functioning, or bleeding money it doesn’t have, she did things, and people seem to like them once they’re finished.



Under Leslie’s stewardship, Pawnee saw the Parks department not only grow, but thrive. A once overlooked department the city had considered merging with whoever would take us, we emerged stronger because of her determination in proving our worth. Her vision has led to three new parks in the past five years, and her might has kept out corporations that would have forced many small businesses to close their doors.


April Ludgate

Do I have to do this, Leslie? I didn’t even want this stupid job, but you made me take it because I made the mistake of expressing interest in anything. Thanks, I guess. I guess stuff like that is why people should vote for you.