Why I'm Running

As a lifelong resident of Pawnee, I want to preserve what makes our town unique, while improving schools, and keeping our waterways clean.

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The National Park System is under attack. Send a message to the president and show him that you want to preserve the best parts of our country for future generations. It's up to us to save America's treasures!

Meet Leslie

Leslie Knope has been a public servant for fifteen years, longer if you consider her civic involvement as a Pawnee Goddess beginning at the age of 10. She has sought justice for everyone and everything in her path, while constantly striving to be better, and to improve her community in whatever capacity she can.

Her experience in Young Democrats, Student Government, Young Republicans, Model UN, Young Independents, and the Debate Team taught her the value of looking at things from all sides -- something she has done in every position she’s held. She has worked across all kinds of aisles to find solutions that make most people happy, even if they aren’t quite as she had envisioned them to be. Her ability to listen, for hours on end, while community members air their grievances has given her the stamina necessary for listening to congressional hearings, and because she cares, she’ll know what they’re about.

Knope has been a fierce supporter of community beautification. She has the ability to take even the saddest pits and patches and make them into beautiful public spaces everyone can enjoy. While Deputy Parks Director she was able to get rid of the homeless population occupying an area known as The Pit. The eyesore was mostly ignored, until Knope had a vision. She was able to find housing for everyone inhabiting the space, eradicate the illegal drugs being distributed there (and otherwise within our community), and deliver a space everyone in Pawnee has come to love.

Leslie Speaking

As a director of the National Parks she is responsible for the maintenance of parks throughout the midwest. She has developed numerous plans to preserve some of America’s most beloved natural wonders, while keeping a balanced budget (that is quickly rejected by House Republicans each year). Knope has overseen the creation of new public parks and lands in 36 states, and has dedicated more than 389 national landmarks, and dismantling of the National Park Service from the inside.

In her personal life she’s known as a devoted and supportive friend, often pushing her friends in a direction they never thought to go -- the right one. Her annual Galentine’s Day has become something of a national phenomena, with women celebrating it everywhere regardless of their relationship status on Valentine’s Day -- sisters before misters! spends time with friends, empowering women of all ages, especially as Pawnee Goddess leader, and occasionally enjoys making out in public with her public-government-rival-turned-husband.